Why You Should Join a Design Community

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The web is a much more social place than it was 3-5 years ago. I’m not just talking about Facebook and Twitter, either. Today we have communities at our fingertips that can really revolutionize the way we work and interact with one another as creatives. I’ve gone back and

10 Examples of Flat Design to Spark Your Creativity

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Flat design is the latest buzzword to sweep the world of graphic/web design, and while you may already be tired of hearing it, it’s undeniable that it’s having an impact on the way we design these days. In this showcase we’ll be taking a look at 10 examples of

5 Awesome WordPress themes for Your Portfolio Website

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I get a ton of email requests from readers on what WordPress theme(s) I use in my projects and what theme they should use for their portfolio website. Even though I would prefer people to develop their own theme or customize a theme beyond the point of recognition using

Catch Me on “Howard & Nathaniel” Tuesday at 5PM LIVE on Google+

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Tuesday at 5PM PST, I’ll be joining Howard Pinsky and Nathaniel Dodson for their weekly Google+ Hangout show. We’ll be talking about Photoshop, Illustrator, and several other design & geek-related topics. Once the show is over I’ll be sure to post the replay here on PSQT for all to

Adobe Responds to Creative Cloud Hullabaloo

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It’s been a few weeks now since Adobe announced their new Creative Cloud platform which did away with perpetual software licenses and angered a great deal of its customer base. In an article published on the Adobe Blogs site, Adobe has responded to the criticism and skepticism in much

Free “Flat” Vector Icon Set

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The new buzzword in the design world is “flat” design. Basically this refers to design that has no skeumorphism and/or depth and simply employs a simple, flat, color & appearance. I’m actually very happy that the trend is moving in this direction. I find myself much more capable of flat

The Inspiring Artwork of James White

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Recently while at Adobe MAX I was able to get a glimpse of the work of James White at Russell Brown’s “Designing in the Cloud with Classic Movie Monsters“ lab. I was familiar with his work before attending the show, but seeing it up close and personal made it even

Lightroom for iOS Could Be Really Good, or a Complete Failure

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Recently Adobe’s Group Product Manager for Lightroom, Tom Hogarty, went on The Grid to show off an early version of a mobile Lightroom application. The app itself was quite obviously in the early stages of development, but the concept was really great. The idea is that more and more photographers

Creating Photoshop Shape Layers from Your Illustrator Artwork

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The ability to share artwork across Photoshop and Illustrator is nothing new. In fact, Smart Objects have been around for some time now. However, there are some things that Smart Objects just can’t do. Like becoming a Shape Layer, for instance. In this little tutorial I’m going walk you

Adobe Ideas Updated to Version 2.6

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Adobe Ideas [App Store Link]  has been updated to version 2.6, and with this update come a nice set of new features. According to the official update info, version 2.6 contains the following updates/enhancements: Extract & save color themes right from your Ideas artwork Sync color themes between Ideas